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Fanfic challenge centered around Jrock

Jfetish 15 is a prompt community centering around Jrock bands. Much in the style of communities such as fanfic100, participants will be writing fanfiction based around a series of 15 prompts (10 preset and 5 writer's choice) centered around different and often overlooked fetishes!

1. You must be approved to join this community. You will be accepted if a. your birth date on your profile makes you over 18 or b. you do not display your birth date or age anywhere on your profile. Don't share your age and we won't make it our business.

2. In order to participate, you must first make a claim at the claims post. Make sure to check the list of claims first to make sure the pairing you want to choose is not already taken. Go to the claims post to read more on this. Note: Please make sure you request to join the community before making a claim! We can't accept a claim if you haven't requested to join.

3. You can begin posting your work in the community as soon as a mod has replied to your claim and approved it. Please try to remember to tag your entries with your claim (a tag will be created for you once your request is approved) and the fetish you wrote.

4. From the day you are approved, you will have six months to complete your prompts. For this reason, it's recommended that you stick to one-shots as opposed to chapter fics. However, if you happen to begin work on a chapter story, each chapter update will count as an update on your prompts. If at the end of the six months you find you need more time, contact a mod. If the mod sees that you have been making updates (at least once a month or so) then you will be granted a time extension.

5. When you claim a couple, every fic you write must include this couple. However, they may also include other members of the band or even members of other bands. This should not be the primary focus in every fic, however. For the most part, you should try to stick with your claimed pairing.

6. Writing teams are allowed. If you and a friend would like to make a claim together, the procedure is the same. You don’t have to write more if you are part of a team, but you are welcome to do two-part stories if you want. You may also choose to split the prompts between the two of you, as long as you somehow work as a team.

7. You don't have to complete the prompts in order! Do them in whatever order inspires you.

8. When you finish all 15 works, reply to this post.

9. You may post your work in other journals or communities too, of course.

10. When you're done, your claim will be open again and anybody may claim it. You can either choose to be done, or make a new claim whenever you want.

11. Due to the nature of this community, no works in which characters who are minors (under 18) partake in sexual acts will be allowed. We know some writers like to set their stories in high school, but due to our themes being explicitly sexual we'd rather not allow that. In addition, stories about pedophilia or other fetishes relating to children or animals are strictly prohibited.

Have any further questions? Please leave us a comment on this post.

01. Hadaka - refers to a variety of fetishes in Japanese culture (including those in anime and manga) that involve being completely nude except for one article of clothing (such as an apron, shoes, necktie, etc)

02. Voyeurism - When a person is aroused by watching other people engaging in sexual activities, undressing, walking around in underwear or whatever the voyeur happens to find sexy.

03. Acousticophilia - When someone finds sounds (music, foreign language being spoken, certain types of voices or whatever) to be sexually stimulating.

04. Choreophilia - When someone finds dancing to be arousing. May include dancing in order to achieve orgasm.

05. Agrexophilia/Exhibitionism - Agrexophilia is when a person is aroused by knowing others can see or hear them engaging in sexual acts. Exhibitionism is when someone likes to expose themselves to unsuspecting people. (Agrexophilia is generally considered a form of exhibitionism.)

06. Amaurophilia - When someone is aroused by their partner's vision being impaired through artificial means (ie, blindfold, special contacts, etc.)

07. Sadomasochism - Probably doesn't need an explanation, but just in case - sadists enjoy inflicting pain, masochists enjoy receiving pain.

08. Katoptronophilia - People with this derive pleasure from performing sexual acts in front of one or more mirrors.

09. Medical Fetishism - Pretty self explanatory! Hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical instruments are eroticized. Rectal exams, enemas, prostate massage, and various other intimate medical practices are enjoyed between partners.

10. Parthenophilia - A sexual attraction to virgins.

11. Writer's Choice

12. Writer's Choice

13. Writer's Choice

14. Writer's Choice

15. Writer's Choice

If you're stuck on the writer's choice options, here are a few interesting suggestions that could make for great fanfic!

Erotic Asphyxiation - Doesn't everyone know what this is by now?
Nanophilia - sexual attraction to a short partner
Pediophilia - arousal from dolls (please note the i after the d X3)
Capnolagnia - arousal from watching others smoke
Agalmatophilia - arousal from statues or manikins; also called pygmalionism

There are countless others as well! Don't be afraid to get creative!

And remember!
A lot of the things discussed in this community are fun to talk and write about but should only be practiced in real life by people who know what they're doing. A lot of fetishism isn't for the faint of heart and definitely not for the inexperienced so if you find yourself interested in anything here, do the proper research before you try it yourself, and always make sure that your partner is well-versed in the topic as well! No one in this community is responsible if you or someone else is hurt because you wanted to reenact something you read on the internet.